NorthStar Pet: Smell Ya Later... and Now... and in the Future.....

This is a great, quick video from TED about how a dog's nose works.

What's new? What's old? What changed? When dogs are out on walks and in their yards sniffng around, I always say it's about building and updating "the database." The piles of poo and hydrants your dog stops to sniff and never wants to leave, are the canine equivalent of facebook!

In Short Guide to a Happy Dog, Cesar Millan explains, "What we see, we experience. What a dog smells, he [or she] experiences."

Cesar also reminds us: People tell us stories. Dogs tell us the truth.

It's all in how each species navigates the world.

Keep an open mind also, in caring for your dog's fabulous nose. I walk dogs that will sniff every blade of grass in a given area - just taking it all in. They are also sniffing in chemicals, toxins, bacteria, and all sorts of "micro-things" that can have a serious cumulative effect over a lifetime. Something I'll cover in another post..... - Linda.