Service Area  

NorthStar Pet provides pet sitting services in greater Westerville (including Genoa Township), Ohio - in zip codes 43081 and 43082, and within the following geographic range: 

North: Big Walnut Road
East: Sunbury Road
West: Worthington Road
South: Huber Village Boulevard

Basic Services

Each visit focuses on your warm-blooded, indoor-only pets and their comfort and happiness. 

Effective August 1, 2014, NorthStar Pet does not provide services to households using electronic containment, prong or slip collars, and aversion

Services can include:

▪  Food
▪  Water
▪  "It Happens" Pet Mess Clean Up (hairballs, barf, etc.)
▪  Cat Box Clean Up
▪  Yard Clean Up for Dogs
▪  Exercise, Walking, and Play
▪  Supervised Yard Access for Dogs Only
▪  Brushing, TLC, and Big-time Attention!!!
▪  Treats
▪  Response to Emergency Medical Needs
▪  Visit Journal that details your pet's day with each visit

NorthStar Pet Service will provide, as part of your pet visit, at your request, and at no extra charge...

▪   e-Mail or text updates as requested
▪   Bring in any mail, newspapers, or drop-offs
▪   Water household plants (indoors & outdoors)
▪   Fill bird feeders and bird baths
▪   Set out and/or return the trash cans and recycling bins
▪   Turn lights on and off
▪   Turn radios and tv's on and off
▪   Adjust blinds and drapes

▪ NorthStar Pet provides in-home visits only and does not provide in-home overnight services.

For my dog clients, when you're out of town, I can make my last visit around 10:00 p.m. and my next-morning visit by 7:00 p.m. (If you want a pet sitter in the house overnight, scroll down for contact information for Critter Sitters.)

▪ If your pet requires regular medication or supplements, we'll talk to get details.

You need to be prepared to schedule (and budget for) visits that give me the opportunity to administer the right dosage at the right times of day.

▪ Custom services always an option, for a reasonable additional fee, let's talk!

▪ And, if you are stuck at work or an unexpected engagement arises or there is an emergency, please don't hesitate - call, text, or e-mail NorthStar Pet -- we'll work something out to insure that your pet gets appropriate attention. 

NorthStar Visit Hours.

7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Household visits run approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

I arrive at pet households within a consistent, regular time-frame. Because I am often moving from pet household to pet household, and dealing with unpredictable environments, I don't commit to a specific, exact time. Also, when a client is out of town, I purposely vary arrival time by a few minutes.

No Overnight Services

NorthStar Pet Services does not offer overnight, on-site services. For overnight services, contact Dave Todd or Jeff Chaykowski with Critter Sitters: 614.771.2776 or  

Or try where your dog can stay overnight in a DogVacay home.

Complimentary Meet and Greet

First, we'll set up a complimentary in-home visit.  It's important that you, your pet, and I meet and interact, so we get to know each other, and then you can fill me in on things like:

Details and instructions about your pet's daily activities, needs, vet information, favorite toys, and personality.

Contact information for you on your trip.

What's the most idiosyncratic thing about a client's house? Access! Information about your home -- how things work, where things are, access (key, codes, etc.) arrangements, will anyone else be stopping by, who you notify when you're out of town, etc.

By the way, if you want me to access your home via a garage door keypad, I'll also need a key as backup... for when the power goes out or the battery suddenly loses power or the keypad freezes on a cold day!

And, we can also tend to administrative concerns like:

▪ Getting the 411 about your Veterinarian and a signed Veterinary Release.  Plain and simple -- I'm authorized to act on your behalf, you'll pay!

Meet and greets roll along household to household, and proceed as we get to know each other, but please allow at least 30 minutes for your Meet and Greet.

Excitement Factor Expectation Management:

I love to make a big deal out of meeting your pets (my heart melts every time!)... by telling you how much I like your pet, but not necessarily by showing your pets when I meet them!

As a visitor and compassionate professional, the best way to build a relationship with a pet is on the terms they understand.

When I enter a household to meet your pet, I just calmly meet and interact with your pet - I wait for them to come to me. So, I let your pets check me out, greet me or not, and we'll interact as things progress.

Before we even talk, know this: The Complimentary Meet and Greet is for the benefit of both You, the potential client, and NorthStar Pet Services.  NorthStar Pet Services reserves the right to refuse a client if a pet is exotic, seriously ill, or aggressive; in these circumstances, you’ll require a more specialized type of professional care. 

If, for any reason, a pet environment is not in the best interest of the pet, NorthStar Pet Services doesn't hesitate to communicate with the appropriate animal protection and advocacy resources. 

Non-dogs and Non-cats (Small Pets) 

Small pet care (bird, gerbil, bunny, guinea pig, hamster, etc.) is complimentary if NorthStar Pet is providing dog and/or cat services.  If you'd like to use NorthStar Pet Services for your non-dog or non-cat warm-blooded small pets and there is no dog or cat visit involved, the cat visit rate applies. 

And, if a household requiring warm-blooded pet care (dog, cat, small bird, gerbil, bunny, guinea pig, hamster) might also include fish... we'll talk - that's case-by-case.

One more comment -- pet birds are a very special part of any family (Birds are amazing - I've only had pet sitting experience once with a Cockatoo - Armando - and I believe if his feet could've reached the pedals, he could have driven a car!) If NorthStar Pet Services feels that your pet bird requires special attention, NorthStar Pet will recommend a pet sitter who specializes in bird care. 

When You Get Home.... 

We need to make arrangements to confirm your return - cuz I'll keep visiting your pet until I hear otherwise from you. In my years of experience, especially if a flight is involved, arrival dates and times are subject to change without notice. Most clients send me a text. 

The Benefits of Staying Home

Your pet can stay at home, in their safe, familiar, secure environment -- surrounded by their stuff and familiar scents.

Older pets, who may be upset or stressed by travel or an environmental change, can stay home.

Pets can stick more closely to their normal routines, from exercise to eating habits. 

A pet who stays in their home environment will experience a reduced likelihood of exposure to illness and communicable diseases from other animals in a care facility.

Your pet receives caring, individual attention from a focused pet sitter and you won't have to inconvenience friends, neighbors, or family members.

Both you and your pet can reduce stress knowing there will be consistent care from someone you both know.

You save time because you won't have to transport your pet to and from a care facility.

Your home will have regular visits and will seem occupied because you are eliminating many of the major indicators of an unoccupied home, so your home will appear more secure.

While you will miss your pet and your pet will miss you, you will be able to leave for business and pleasure, knowing that your pet is home and well cared-for while you are gone.

If you wish, you are a phone call or e-mail away from daily updates on your pet and home.

You can come straight home and be greeted at the door by a happy, relaxed pet very glad to see you!