Booking Availability

COVID Vaxxed households only. Please, if you are not vaxxed, get vaxxed. Be safe.

As of  January 2023... 

NorthStar Pet is not currently taking new clients. Current client referrals possible. 

Vacation/Out-of-Town Visits: Available for Current Clients Only.

Daily VisitsAvailable for Current Clients Only..

Reiki Services (Distant and Present): Available.

Minimum Visit Policy: For vacation/out-of-town clients, I maintain a minimum standard of two visits per calendar day for cats and small animals and three visits per day for dogs.

There can be exceptions to this policy, entirely case-by-case: 1) If I know the client well, and I am backing up a friend, neighbor, or family member who is also checking on the pet. 2) And, only with cats, if I am taking over for a previous pet sitter, and one visit a day is what the cat is used to, I may roll with one visit a day.  Cats are no different than dogs in regards to their needs of affection, touch, play, interaction, and attention; they just don't need to go outside to pee and poo! 

Animal Reiki Services (Distant and Present): Available. 

Unless otherwise requested, I schedule distant Reiki sessions for early mornings. My schedule is structured so I can accommodate Present Reiki sessions, as needed. Like pet sitting visits, humans do not have to be present for a Present Reiki session.

 Updated 1.31.22