Booking Availability

As of November 2023...

NorthStar Pet is not currently taking new pet sitting clients. Current client referrals possible.

Vacation/Out-of-Town Visits: Available for Current Clients Only.

Daily Visits: Available for Current Clients Only..

Reiki Services (Distant and Present): Available.

NorthStar Pet Services ▪ Linda Foor

Minimum Visit Policy: For vacation/out-of-town clients, I maintain a minimum standard of two visits per calendar day for cats and small animals and three visits per day for dogs.

There can be exceptions to this policy, entirely case-by-case: 1) If I know the client well, and I am backing up a friend, neighbor, or family member who is also checking on the pet. 2) And, only with cats, if I am taking over for a previous pet sitter, and one visit a day is what the cat is used to, I may roll with one visit a day.  Cats are no different than dogs in regards to their needs of affection, touch, play, interaction, and attention; they just don't need to go outside to pee and poo! 

Animal Reiki Services (Distant and Present): Available. 

Unless otherwise requested, I schedule distant Reiki sessions for early mornings. My schedule is structured so I can accommodate Present Reiki sessions, as needed. Like pet sitting visits, humans do not have to be present for a Present Reiki session.

 Updated 11.5.23