Welcome to adventures in pet sitting!

The presence of animals in our lives enriches.

Our pets are family, and when you can't be home, a qualified, compassionate pet care professional, who understands the role your pets play in your life, and you in theirs, is of the utmost importance and should be the next best thing to you.

Animals have always been a part of my life.  And, as long as I've had neighbors, family, and friends who have pets, I've provided pet sitting services for them!  In 2007, one of my friends suggested I expand my pet care activity to a business level - which has turned out to be very good advice.

In my pet experiences, I've bottle-fed an abandoned kitten, cared for a cat with leukemia, logged miles of dog-walking, cared for senior animals, helped a client feed and socialize six feral-born kittens (That's right, I have actually herded cats!), and thoroughly enjoyed hours and hours of love, play, and interaction with some of the most interesting personalities I've ever met!  

This past April, I lost my kitty, Luci (he was nearly 19), and two years prior, I lost my kitty Bob. These two cats were close-to-home rescues, and both changed my life in a very good way. Luci and Bob were abandoned by a neighbor through an unfortunate series of events, and they were left to fend for themselves. It took months (nearly a year) to build their trust, so they willingly came indoors, and then decided to stay.

I currently share my household with Ming, the cat. Ming is a long-time pet client (since 2008) and her human, as the result of an accident, was physically unable to care for Ming. So, I invited Ming to move-in with me and that was two years ago. Even though Ming lived with me, Ming's human lived in a pet-friendly senior community and Ming and I would hit the road and visit her on a regular basis. (Ming's human recently passed away.)

I believe in connecting and communicating with animals on their level - respecting their nature.

Years ago, when I started taking western pleasure riding lessons, I needed to find common ground with my school horse, Elvis, a spirited 16-plus hand, Secretariat-red thoroughbred/quarter horse mix who suffered no fools.

Finding a way to connect with Elvis was my first real experience in truly reaching animals by understanding their ways. I gained much insight into horse behavior from the book The Body Language of Horses by Tom Ainslee and Bonnie Ledbetter. Once I understood how Elvis worked - horse communication, physiology, instinct, and perspective, we became fast friends and I became an accomplished rider.

It didn't take much for me to realize that reaching Elvis by understanding how he navigates his world didn't just apply to horses.

Understanding innate perspective, body language, DNA, energy, history, purpose, literal point-of-view, and social structure applies to all animals. This understanding helps me connect with animals I am just meeting and has certainly enhanced the experiences I have with my own pets, my pet clients, and the animals I know.

My approach to pet care is holistic and informed by my years of experience, along with a lot of reading and study. Results not typical.... ever!

I am a Certified Reiki level 2 practioner (Usui Method), and certified in Advanced Animal Reiki. I certified in 2016, and after three years of practice, I added Reiki services to NorthStar Pet Services. 

I am a proponent of positive training methods for all animals only. I do not believe in compelling an animal to conform. I will not provide services for a household that does not use positive methods (electronic containment is not a positive method).

I am also a proponent of leaving cat's paws in their natural state (it is so simple to teach a cat to sharpen their claws in appropriate places). 
I visit some households daily, and for others, I'm on-call for vacations, schedule conflicts, and day/weekend trips.

My pet clients stay happy while their humans are gone, and are happiest when their humans return! 

I am a summa cum laude degreed communications professional - Go Bucks!  I have a business background in entrepreneurial, political, corporate, and family-business environments. And, I work part-time in The Home Depot (Maxtown) garden center

I provide a depth of knowledge from decades of pet care for myself, friends, neighbors, clients, and family that will keep your pet safe, cared-for, and happy when you can't be home or may need assistance.

Thanks for stopping by the NorthStar Pet Services site.

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