NorthStar Pet: My Smelly Valentine

February is Skunk Love Season.

Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks Advise:

Love is in the air in your Metro Parks and it stinks to high heaven as skunk mating season is underway. Skunks spray when around each other this time of year. Females who are not yet ready to breed let the males know they are uninterested with a squirt. Male skunks spritz other males in territorial/mate scuffles. Just keep your distance.

Skunks are both suburban and rural dwellers, so keep a careful eye out when you are driving (especially at dusk and dawn) and on dog walks. You also may see skunks out during the day. I've had one day time skunk encounter - we showed immediate respect and calmly got out of the way - the skunk was more interested in where it was headed, it was aware of us, but did not see us as any kind of threat.

Skunks usually spray as a last resort, when they feel there is no way out, but right now, they are pretty quick to spray.

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From NorthStar Pet: Handling Skunk Encounters 

Photo courtesy of Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks.