NorthStar Pet: Baby, It's Cold Outside

If the forecasts are right, we are about to experience a dramatic, severe temperature drop that is on the arctic level. 

The jet stream has dipped way down, bringing us a bubble of arctic air - by Friday, temperatures will be in the 40s, but, right now, we have a tough 48 hours ahead.

Plain and simple: If you have pets, they should be indoors with you.

If you are aware of feral cats in your neighborhood and can provide some form of shelter, please consider doing so. And, if your car is outside, look underneath, bang on your hood, honk the horn, or make some noise around your car before you start the engine - critters or feral cats may climb up into the car in the engine area from underneath to keep warm.

Here is some great advice on cold weather and pet care:

From the Humane Society of the United States.

10 Tips from MLive.

From the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. 

From the American Veterinary Medical Association.

How to Make Simple Winter Shelters.

Be safe.