NorthStar Pet: A Pet-Safe Halloween

Halloween and Beggar's Night draws nigh! Halloween is a great holiday for kids, and yes, the little dog dressed like Darth Vader in the commercial is way too cool, and in reality... Halloween is a great holiday for kids....

Keep the scariness and the horror in the fantasy world and keep your pets safe this All Hallow's Eve season:

Candy and confections are for princesses, storm troopers, cowboys, ballerinas, superheroes, and monsters (in other words, people). Plain and simple, human candy is toxic to pets - no sharing. Keep the treats out of reach.

Keep candy wrappers, foil, party decor, and throwaways out of reach.

If treats are in order, make sure they are pet treats, and safe pet treats made in the USA. (No jerky please.)

Keep pets indoors, and when you take them out to go potty, go out with them.

Halloween is a fun holiday, but let's be real, it can also encourage released inhibitions and casting common sense aside, bringing out the worst in some people. It only takes the bad act of one or a 3-second lapse in judgment to do something you can't undo - inflicting serious harm, whether it's throwing eggs at your car or hurting an animal.

Keep pets confined or away from the door during Beggar's Night hours.

Doorbells can be a source of stress and, your doorbell will be ringing a lot on Beggar's Night. Your dog, especially, is going to want to protect you from intruders, and anyone who rings the doorbell, until sniffed and approved, is an intruder.

Beggar's Night is for kids. Keep your pet home for trick or treating.

If your cats go outdoors bring them in and keep them in, preferably the entire Halloween week (before and after). Black cats are especially vulnerable.

Keep seasonal plants out of reach - no munching! This isn't about toxicity (prepared pumpkin guts are good for dogs and cats), it's about quantity and quality - may as well avoid upset tummies, discomfort, blockage, and a vet bill.

Keep flame-lit jack o'lanterns and Halloween decor secure and at a level away from wagging tails and pet activity.

Keep wires and electrical cords secured. This helps you avoid chewed wires (and shock or fire hazards) or should lighting be knocked over, avoiding broken glass.

▪ It's not about you. If your pet is distressed by wearing a costume, love them enough to back off.

If they wear a costume - make sure it fits properly, isn't constricting, and is pet safe.

▪ No glow items (sticks, jewelry) near pets. (So they don't eat them.) 

▪ Make sure your dog or cat is wearing their I.D. and rabies tags.

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Have a safe Happy Halloween!!