Vacation/Out-of-Town Visits: Client Referrals Only.

I've been a pet sitter for twelve years. My first clients were for vacations (early mornings, daytime visits, bedtime visits over a number of days or weeks) and I am still providing services, on call, for many of these original clients, as well as clients I've gained over the years. My vacation/out-of-town client schedule is consistent each year and is booked throughout the year, so I am not taking new vacation clients at this time, leaving room for client referrals.

Daily Visits:
Current Availability.

I can accommodate two pet households in my work week schedule (late mornings, mid-day, late afternoons; a workday is when humans come home for the evening each day). Life ebbs and flows, and over the past couple of years, I've had some long-time daily clients move (fortunately, we stay connected), and the worst part of being a pet care giver, I've had some long-time clients pass away.

Of note: On Wednesdays, from May through October, I am not available after 1:00 p.m. for work week visits. I manage the Uptown Westerville Farmers' Market, and need to be on-site for set-up and market hours. (I have great clients, who have been kind enough to support the market by accommodating my Wednesday schedule.) I can make arrangements with a colleague to sub for me on Wednesdays after 1:00 p.m. during market season. 

Minimum Visit Policy: For out-of-town clients, I maintain a minimum standard of two pet visits per calendar day, no matter the species. 

There can be exceptions to this policy, entirely case-by-case: 1) If I know the client well, and I am backing up a friend, neighbor, or family member who is also checking on the pet. 2) And, only with cats, if I am taking over for a previous pet sitter, and one visit a day is what the cat is used to, I may roll with one visit a day.

Reiki Services: Currrently available.

A new NorthStar Pet service. Both On-Site and Distant Reiki services available. Unless otherwise requested, I schedule distant Reiki sessions for early mornings. My schedule is structured so I can accommodate in-person Reiki sessions, as needed.

In your search for a pet sitter, to save you time in your decision process, here is the basic NorthStar Pet 411:

▪ I have an ever-expanding educated and experiential viewpoint that informs my policies and the services I provide.

▪ Positive Reinforcement Households Only. NorthStar Pet provides services for positive training/reinforcement households only. No households using electronic containment, aversion, fear, prong collars, slip/choker collars, electronic collars, or punishment.

▪ Cats With Intact Claws Only: The practice of onychectomy (amputating the first joint of a cat's toes, often referred to under the misnomer 'declawing') is unnecessary major surgery that is not beneficial to the cat. No households where the current owner of a cat has elected the procedure or is planning the procedure for a cat. (If you are planning on this, and haven't done this yet, please reconsider.)  

Services are available if a household has a rescue cat(s) that had the 'declawing' procedure before the cat's current owner adopted the cat.

▪ Serving greater Westerville, Ohio. Exclusively within 43081 and 43082 Zip Codes, and this geographic range: North: Big Walnut Rd. / South: Huber Village Blvd. / East: Sunbury Rd. / West: Worthington Rd.

▪ Established in 2007.

▪ Warm-blooded, indoor only pets.

▪ American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified.

▪  Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level 2, Usui Method; Certification in Advanced Animal Reiki. (2016)

▪ In-home visits, dog walks, mornings, afternoons, evenings. No overnight stays. Distant and In-Person Reiki sessions.

▪ Click on the Tabs for More Information.

I also recommend contacting my pet sitter, Karen Meldrum, of Wizard of Dogz, Dave Todd and Jeff Chaykowski at Critter Sitters, or Scales, Tails, and Paws.

(There is no guarantee that Wizard of Dogz, Critter Sitters, or Scales, Tails, and Paws have visit-time available.)

Sincere thanks for your interest.

Updated April 21, 2019.