Referrals Only

June 15, 2017

NorthStar Pet is only taking referrals and people I run into on dogwalks at this time.

After more than ten years, I am blessed to have such a nice group of clients, many of whom have been my clients from the beginning. And, I love them - pets and humans.

Because of the nature of the service I provide, and the standards I keep, I am able to serve my current clients, and maintain enough discretionary-give in my schedule to allow for client referrals and people I run into on dog walks. (And, there may be times I have to refer the referrals!)

I also recommend contacting my pet sitter, Karen Meldrum, of Wizard of Dogz and Dave Todd and Jeff Chaykowski at Critter Sitters. 

(There is no guarantee that Wizard of Dogz or Critter Sitters have visit-time available. They are my most trusted go-to's.)

With gratitude and good thoughts.

- Linda.  

(June 15, 2017; Updated from November 6, 2016.)