Reiki Services and Prices

Distant Reiki Services

For a Pet Household:

Up to 20 minutes: $25.00
30 minutes: $40.00
45 minutes: $60.00
60 minutes: $80.00

On-Site Reiki Services 

Available within the NorthStar Pet Service Area* for an additional $20. 

*NorthStar Pet provides pet sitting services in greater Westerville (including Genoa Township), Ohio - in zip codes 43081 and 43082, and within the following geographic range: North: Big Walnut Road; East: Sunbury Road; West: Worthington Road; South: Huber Village Boulevard 

Package Rate

Five 20-minute sessions within seven consecutive days for $100.

Animals sense Reiki quickly and utilize it efficiently. So, it often takes a single session for an animal to respond. When I first offered Reiki to my cat, Luci, he rolled over to tell me where he wanted my hands to be in six seconds! Like the benefits of walking steps throughout the day, Reiki has a cumulative effect over time. It depends on the animal, there can be benefit, especially in the case of a physical condition, like arthritis, to initial daily sessions, then regular additional sessions, depending on the need.  The Package Rate is on the Reiki services only; the On-Site Reiki fee applies for each On-Site visit. 

Just a note: You can combine both On-Site and Distant Reiki services - it doesn't have to be one or the other. 

How to Order Reiki Services 

Reiki Services are pre-ordered and pre-paid. 

Ordering Reiki Services is simple. Send an email to me, letting me know what services you want, at and I'll send you a secure invoice that will come from PayPal. Pay the PayPal invoice via a major debit or credit card, and your payment is safe and secure.

For new clients, please include the following information in your first e-mail: 

▪ Each animal's name.
▪ Each animal's species (dog, cat, horse, bird, hamster, iguana...). 
▪ Each animal's gender.
▪ A photograph is not required, but is appreciated.
▪ Anything you would like me to know about your animal(s).
▪ Where your animal is physically - your address, a barn address, your veterinarian... and contact information (e-mail address and phone number).

Once payment is verified:

For Distant Reiki, unless you have a request for a Distant Reiki session at a specific time and day, I take advantage of the freshness of a new day, and offer Distant Reiki early in the morning (seven days a week). Should you schedule regular Reiki sessions, once I establish a day and time, I will stay true to that routine, because that's what your pets expect. 

For On-Site Reiki requests, we can schedule a day and time. As with Distant Reiki, if you want to be present, it's up to you. If you will not be home, just like my pet sitting visits, I would need access to the home.

Once a Reiki session is over, I'll text you, and will send an email with any details. You don't have to be home for a Reiki session... you don't even have to be awake and out of bed! It's up to each human.

Updated May 25, 2019.