NorthStar Pet: A Pet-Safe Holiday

Some table-food is great for dogs and cats, and surprisingly, some has some unpleasant, deadly toxic effects.

To make sure you make good memories over the holidays, here is a no frills short-list of toxic foods and ingredients to keep out of the reach of our four-legged family members:

▪ Turkey Skin
▪ Cooked Bones 
▪ Onions and Garlic
▪ Alcohol
▪ Nuts
▪ Nutmeg
▪ Sage
▪ Chocolate
▪ Dough
▪ Batter
▪ Avocado
▪ Grapes and Raisins
▪ Moldy Foods
▪ Xylitol

Also, if food is sitting out, please don't leave it unattended. Dogs will help themselves, even in quantities that can cause them harm.

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To check on safe foods for your pet, just google "foods toxic for..."