NorthStar Pet: Paws of War

There was a story on Anderson Cooper 360 recently that featured a war-story with a happy ending. 

Members of an Army National Guard unit befriended a stray dog who actually "adopted" the unit, walking by their side on patrols, and waiting for them daily to return from their training missions; they named her Sheba. 

When Sheba became pregnant, the soldiers cared for Sheba and the pups, promising to watch out for them always. 

The soldiers' base camp closed, and the unit returned home to the United States. Through the efforts of the soldiers and pet welfare organizations in the U.S. and Afghanistan, on Wednesday, September 4th, Sheba and her puppies came to their new homes in America.

To watch the Randi Kaye's CNN/Anderson Cooper 360 story, click here.

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Photo courtesy of Guardians of Rescue.