NorthStar Pet: Dog Days of Summer

Summer's here!

If you could ask a dog to name one of the greatest human inventions ever, they'd tell you electricity. Know why? Because electricity runs the air conditioner! Dogs love hanging out in the A/C. 

Just make a rule for yourself out of love. There are no exceptions in hot weather - don't leave your dog in a car, even with the windows rolled down a few inches for what you think is going to be just a few minutes - it's a few minutes too many. 

You know what that car feels like for you when it's been out in the heat and you hop in - the steering wheel is so hot, you can barely touch it, the heat takes your breath away - your dog will be happier chilling at home while you're on those short errands. And, you'll be greeted by a very cool wagging tail when you return. 

Here's some excellent advice from Cesar Millan on hot weather and dogs, including the body language of heating up and cooling down - good stuff... Just click here.
Have a great summer!