NorthStar Pet: No Place Like Home

Dorothy Gale is right, there's no place like home... for Dorothy, her nearest and dearest, and... Toto, too.  Right now, in modern times, we are navigating uncharted waters and we are indeed all in this together.

Enjoy this gift of time at home with your pets.

As we redefine normal for the future, when you can't be home, a qualified, compassionate pet care professional - who understands the role your pets play in your life, and you in theirs - should make home still feel just like home for your pets.

COVID Vaxxed Households Only. Please, if you are not vaxxed, get vaxxed. Be safe.

As of  9.7.21...

Vacation/Out-of-Town Visits: Calendar Full Through November. Referrals possible.

Daily Visits: Available for Current Clients and Referrals.

Reiki Services (Distant and Present): Available.

For details, visit the Booking Availability page.

NorthStar Pet Services ▪ Linda Foor
Text or call: 614.352.1144 or e-mail:

▪ Serving Greater Westerville. Exclusively within 43081 and 43082 Zip Codes, and this geographic range: North: Big Walnut Rd. / South: Huber Village Blvd. / East: Sunbury Rd. / West: Worthington Rd.

▪ Distant Reiki can go anywhere!  

Positive Reinforcement Households Only. NorthStar Pet provides services for positive training/reinforcement households only. (No households using electronic containment, aversion, fear, prong collars, slip/choker collars, electronic collars, or punishment.)

▪ In-home visits, dog walks, mornings, afternoons, evenings. No overnight stays. 

▪ Established in 2007.

▪ Warm-blooded, indoor only pets.

▪ American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified.

▪ Certified Reiki Practitioner, Levels 1 and 2, Usui Method; Certification in Advanced Animal Reiki.

Payment accepted via  Cash, Check, Zelle, Venmo, Major Debit and Credit Cards accepted via PayPal Invoicing