NorthStar Pet: Quick Study

In your search for a pet sitter, to save you time in your decision process, here is the basic NorthStar Pet 411:

Availability. Vacation schedule -  With that said, July is mostly booked and I just had my first August booking; I do have openings for daily visits and Reiki services.

Positive Reinforcement Households Only. NorthStar Pet provides services for positive training/reinforcement households only. No households using electronic containment, aversion, fear, prong collars, slip/choker collars, electronic collars, or punishment.

Cats With Intact Claws Only: NorthStar Pet provides services for households where cats have all their claws. No households where the pet owner has elected surgical removal of a cat's claws (in turn removing the first joint of each toe on a paw). Services are available if a household has a rescue cat(s) that had the 'declawing' procedure before the cat's current owner adopted the cat.

Serving greater Westerville, Ohio. Exclusively within 43081 and 43082 Zip Codes, and this geographic range: North: Big Walnut Rd. / South: Huber Village Blvd. / East: Sunbury Rd. / West: Worthington Rd.

▪ Established in 2007.

▪ Warm-blooded, indoor only pets.

▪ American Red Cross Pet First Aid Certified.

▪ Certified Reiki Practitioner, Levels 1 and 2, Usui Method; Certification in Advanced Animal Reiki.

 ▪ Reiki Healing Association, Lifetime Member

▪ In-home visits, dog walks, mornings, afternoons, evenings. No overnight stays.

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